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Feltöltve: 2005-02-23 21:49:50
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haunts me
you told me -come
and you smiled
I told you I'll come
but I still shiver
...stoneangel's shoulders kill
the leaves that wither

you told me it's not hard
...and it's beautiful
I think it's cold, maybe for endless years
...distant bells toll in my ears

my legs a few steps made
I lied that I was not afraid
you leaned closer and closer
you told me you felt me...
you tasted my neck
...I told you it hurts...
you told me it's tasty

as you left, your half face smiled above your shoulder
you licked your lips
the moon shone through your hair
yesterday I saw you in that girl`s arms
...her red drop shone in your mouth's lair

and if I wake up at sunset
I know no one understands me
but in every bite's taste
your first accomplice smile haunts me
Hozzászóláshoz jelentkezz be vagy regisztrálj!
2005-02-28 13:44:02
Vampires never dies even if they burn to they'r ashes. :)
so good.